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What is InActiv Blue®

InActiv Blue® is a CE-IVD marked, virus inactivating and DNA/RNA stabilizing transport medium for molecular analyses including RT-qPCR. The medium is perfect for preservation of (naso)pharyngeal swabs and saliva before testing.

Key Features

– Perfect for preservation of nasal/throat/nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva
– Complete inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 within 1 minute;
also effective inactivation of vaccinia virus, norovirus, parvovirus, …
– Safe and stable preservation of DNA/RNA up to 30 days at room temperature
– No cold chain required
– Blue dye as pipetting control
– Independent validation with a range of common RT-qPCR platforms
– CE-IVD marked
– Mucolitic properties to reduce viscosity in mucus rich samples
– Production and testing of each batch according to the highest quality standards in ISO certified labs

InActiv Blue® is the CE-IVD aplication of our DNA/RNA DefendTM buffer

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Innovative saliva collector​

Blue Collect

Blue CollectTM

Blue CollectTM is our CE-IVD marked device for straightforward and patient-friendly saliva collection for downstream laboratory analyses.

Key features

  • Simple device to collect saliva, also for children (+5 years)
  • Convenient design for self sampling
  • Easy visualisation of the required saliva volume due to transparent collector
  • Inert material: no inhibition of RT-qPCR
  • Ideal for large scale screening purposes
  • Only small volume of 1.3 ml of saliva needed
  • When used in conjunction with InActiv Blue® containing tubes, viscosity of saliva is greatly reduced

Did you know that 90% of patients prefer saliva collection with one of our receptacles instead of a nasopharyngeal swab for testing?

InActiv Blue® performance information

The figures below show key performance parameters for InActiv Blue® medium

InActiv Blue® as a reliable medium to detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA,
influenza A/B or RSV A/B

Storage of samples up to 30 days

Freeze-thaw stability of samples

Stability of influenza A/B – RSV A/B RNA

Use of saliva samples stored in InActiv Blue®



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PRODUCTOrder code
CE marked diagnostics
InActiv Blue® (1x PP tube with 2 ml virus inactivating and DNA/RNA stabilizing transport medium)IB_TUB
Blue CollectTMIB_CD01
DNA/RNA DefendTM (1x PETG bottle – 30 ml)DRD_0030
DNA/RNA DefendTM (1x PETG bottle – 125 ml)DRD_0125
DNA/RNA DefendTM (1x PETG bottle – 500 ml)DRD_0500
DNA/RNA DefendTM (1x PETG bottle – 1000 ml)DRD_1000

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