DNA/RNA Defend™

  • inactivation of pathogens
  • stabilizes DNA
  • stabilizes RNA
  • lysis buffer
  • mucolytic
DNA/RNA Defend™ is the RUO and colorless version of InActiv Blue®, a guanidine-based medium for pathogen inactivation, stabilization of DNA and RNA, and lysis of biological samples. Requires nucleic acid extraction.

Protection of blood RNA

DNA/RNA Defend™ protects RNA when keeping biomaterials stored at room temperature, even for the most complex sample types such as whole blood and saliva.

FragmentAnalyzer electropherogram of total RNA purified from whole blood stabilized for 24 hrs at room temperature with DNA/RNA Defend™ (left) or without stabilizer (right). DNA/RNA Defend™ clearly protects the RNA from degradation as evidenced from intact ribosomal RNA bands.

Stability of SARS-CoV-2 viral particles stored in buffer at room temperature for up to 30 days

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RT-qPCR results for SARS-CoV-2 E-gene in DNA/RNA Defend buffer spiked with low or high viral titer and stored in the fridge (4 °C) or at room temperature (RT) for 30 days (n=12).

Freeze-thaw stability (n=6)

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Buffer with nasopharygeal swab samples inoculated with high and low viral titer were exposed to 5 freeze-thaw cycles, followed by RNA extraction and RT-qPCR

Stability of RNA in urine for up to 9 days at 37 °C

RT-qPCR results for KLK3 gene on RNA extracted from urine of 3 healthy donors spiked with LNCaP cells and stabilized with DNA/RNA Defend buffer.

Similar results for HOXC6 and DLX1 (not shown). Data courtesy of mdxhealth.

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