Who we are

We are a Belgium based medical technology company. We develop, produce and commercialize own products and offer customized product development expertise. We are experienced in the inactivation of pathogens and the stabilization of nucleic acids and work with various biomaterials.


Improve sample collection to enable safe, affordable, and reliable laboratory analyses.


We envision a future where pre-analytical factors no longer hinder accurate laboratory results. Through pioneering product development, we are revolutionizing the collection, transport, and storage of primary biomaterials, thereby making molecular diagnostics and healthcare safer, more reliable, and affordable for all.

Our vision is to provide innovative solutions that seamlessly preserve a diverse range of biomarker analytes, such as DNA, RNA, and proteins, allowing for downstream quantification without compromising their integrity. By doing so, we empower healthcare professionals and researchers to unlock new insights, make informed decisions, and deliver exceptional patient care.

Together, we are creating a future where reliable and accessible molecular diagnostics pave the way for a healthier, happier world.